Sorin: Take a look at test/fots/README.TXT for an explanation of the 
integration I've done. Please try it out and let me know if you have problems.

I don't think this is ready for merge yet since there is no integration with 
EXPECTED_FAILURE() or anything like it, which is why I haven't voted on it 

A couple questions:

1. Can the result="" attribute of a <test-case> in FOTS driver output have 
values other than "pass" or "fail"? Currently I am determining whether a CTest 
test passes based on this output.

2. Would it be useful (for developers) to also allow CTest tests based on FOTS 
dependencies? If so, is it possible to use cli.xq to get a list of tests for a 
dependency, and to execute all tests for a dependency?
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