> A couple questions:
> 1. Can the result="" attribute of a <test-case> in FOTS driver output have
> values other than "pass" or "fail"? Currently I am determining whether a CTest
> test passes based on this output.
I tried to make the default output of FOTS driver the exact thing needed for a 
W3C ocnformance submission.
That is why the values of result are the ones defined in the:
<xsd:simpleType name="resultStatusType">

> 2. Would it be useful (for developers) to also allow CTest tests based on FOTS
> dependencies? If so, is it possible to use cli.xq to get a list of tests for a
> dependency, and to execute all tests for a dependency?
I do believe this is useful, for instance to run only the tests that have a HOF 
:) I do think that is useful, and that is why this is already implemented:
Please try running the FOTS driver CLI with:
[...] -e mode:=list-test-cases -e dependency:=higherOrderFunctions

[...] -e mode:=run-test-sets -e testSetPrefixes:=prod -e 

this should be exactly what you asked for.
The value passed to 'dependency' attribute should be in the form:
VALUE_SATISFIED. If SATISFIED is missing, 'true' is assumed.
the VALUE are the ones defined in the 
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