Review: Needs Information

Are the new #includes in: staticcontextimpl.cpp, regex_xquery.cpp, 
string_util.cpp, and utf8_util.cpp all actually necessary? In all three cases, 
there are no other changes in those files which would seem to require them.

What's the reason for the removal of the #ifndef ZORBA_NO_XMLSCHEMA in 

Why remove ItemHandle::debug() ?

Why add test_uri.cpp and test_json_parser.cpp in unit_tests? Was it an 
oversight that they weren't there before?

Have you tried compiling this on Windows?

Nit: util/cxx_util.h - the comments after the two #endif lines are out of order 
(the first one closes #ifdef EMSCRIPTEN, not ZORBA_CXX_STATIC_ASSERT).

Also, to re-iterate Paul's question: Shouldn't you check for the existence of 
Boost? Or is there a reason to assume it will be available if EMSCRIPTEN is set?
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