Paul J. Lucas has proposed merging lp:~paul-lucas/zorba/pjl-misc into lp:zorba.

Commit message:
Fixes zorba_nullptr linker error on Linux.

Requested reviews:
  Paul J. Lucas (paul-lucas)

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Fixes zorba_nullptr linker error on Linux.
Your team Zorba Coders is subscribed to branch lp:zorba.
=== modified file 'src/util/cxx_util.h'
--- src/util/cxx_util.h	2013-01-15 19:21:49 +0000
+++ src/util/cxx_util.h	2013-01-16 14:54:26 +0000
@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@
  * We also use a singleton object since using multiple instances as shown in
  * Bjarne's paper has a slight performance penalty.
 extern zorba::nullptr_type const zorba_nullptr;
 #define nullptr ::zorba_nullptr

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