> cat tmp.xml
> <a><b/></a
> zorba  -q 'doc("tmp.xml")'
> <.>:1,2: dynamic error [err:FODC0002]: "f":2,1: loader parsing error: '>'
> expected; raised at
> /home/mbrantner/zorba/sandbox/src/store/naive/loader_fast.cpp:157
> What should '"f":2,1:' tell me? I assume "f" means file and "2,1" is a
> location. If so, line 2 column 1 doesn't make any sense. Neither tmp.xml nor
> my query does have an error in line 2.
> What am I missing?

It now shows a file:/// URL.  The 2,1 means "line 2, column 1."  This is the 
line/col that libxml gives me.  I assume it gives me that since the XML file 
could have been:


i.e., with the closing > on line 2 at column 1.  libxml not finding it there 
(i.e., after it's parsed the carriage return at the end of the first line thus 
making the current line be line 2, column 1), then complains that '>' wasn't 

If you don't like the line/col libxml gives, well it's not clear there's 
anything I can do about it.
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