My proposal:

1. Add a new method:  int store::LoadProperties::toLibXmlOptions()
The implementation of this method should be copied from 
zorba::simplestore::XmlLoader::applyLoadOptions() (minus the final call to 
xmlCtxtUseOptions() ), and applyLoadOptions() should of course be refactored to 
call toLibXmlOptions(). The doc for this function should clearly explain which 
LoadProperties fields are handled, because some are not passed directly to 
libxml such as theBaseUri.

2. Change x:canonicalize#2 to accept an <options> element of the form defined 
in xml-options.xsd, and delete all the current documentation comments about the 
new xml-canonicalization-options.xsd fields.

3. Delete the newly-added processOptions() function in parse_fragment_impl.cpp.

4. Change FnZorbaCanonicalizeIterator::nextImpl() to call the existing 
processOptions() that populates a store::LoadProperties object instead, and 
then call toLibXmlOptions() on it.

5. Matthias also requested the XML_PARSE_NONET flag, which is the only one not 
currently supported by LoadProperties. Therefore xml-options.xsd should have a 
new element <no-network-access>; LoadProperties should have a new bool 
theNoNetworkAccess with corresponding accessor/setter functions; and 
toLibXmlOptions() should set the bit accordingly.

6. Ideally, FnParseXmlFragmentIterator::nextImpl() should handle all the 
relevant LoadProperties fields that are not passed on to libxml2 via 
toLibXmlOptions(), such as theBaseUri. Possibly 
FnParseXmlFragmentIterator::nextImpl() could be refactored to handle this, 
since it currently manages all such options. However, in this short term, it 
would be sufficient to add documentation to x:canonicalize#2 explaining which 
<options> are not currently supported.
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