Review: Needs Fixing

1. Unless I'm missing something, we don't want the function 
util:replace-entity-references(). The result of calling fn:serialize() should 
be exactly the XML we wish to canonicalize; if it contains < and > then 
there's a problem.

2. I also don't like the $actualResult1 / $actualResult2 disparity. Surely 
there is only one correct way to serialize a sequence of items according to 
FOTS? I think maybe util:serialize-result() should return xs:string rather than 
xs:string*, and it should handle either directly concatenating nodes or 
concatenating simple items with space delimiters if that is necessary.

3. Why did you add the new "order by" clause in reporting.xq ? If that's only 
for W3C reporting then I don't really care, but I'm curious.

4. Finally, I'm concerned that this caused new EXPECTED_FOTS_FAILURE()s to be 
added. Why is that? Were we generated false positives before, or is there a 
problem in the canonicalization?
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