I fixed all the tests including the ones that were not using fn:nill and were 
using fn:data and instance of functions, this functions should work now 
correctly with nilled documents now. I am not sure if this 2 functions had 
errors of their own when handling nilled elements, if so they should be working 

There is just one test failing though I think is a FOTs driver problem.
The problem is that the query throws an error because a function in the main 
module is described like this 

variable $queryID := xqxq:prepare-main-module
xquery version "1.0";
declare default element namespace "http://www.w3.org/XQueryTest/nillable";;
        import schema default element namespace 
        /root/branch/date instance of element(*, date?)
, (), mapper:uri-mapper#2

thus throwing an error because of 2 references as default namespace. I am not 
sure why this happen or if this should work, but is the only example which 
imports the schema as a default element namespace together with a delcaration 
of an element namespace.

All the other tests are working.
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