Review: Needs Fixing

Unfortunately this fix isn't in the right place. By changing the CharRef 
regexp, you've broken some valid XML character references like  . Also, 
the error message for � is not very good.

Nicolae - can you help point us in the right direction here? There is already 
code in xquery_scanner.l and jsoniq_scanner.l that verifies character 
references in string literals:

{StringLiteral}               { if (checkXmlRefs(&yylval->err, yytext, yyleng, 
yytext, yyleng); }

However, same check also needs to be done anywhere else that may have character 
references, including element content and attribute values. But we don't know 
enough about flex/bison to understand how to get this done.

If possible I'd still like Luis to do the actual change, if only to help spread 
some knowledge about the lexer/parser to other team members. But if you could 
briefly describe what kind of change needs to happen, we'd appreciate it!
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