Review: Needs Fixing

1. It looks like you didn't check in some changes? sequences_impl.cpp refers to 
a method URI::get_encoded_fragment() that doesn't exist.

2. sequences_impl.cpp now shows up on my system as "ISO-8859 English text" 
rather than "ASCII English text" when I use the "file" command. My editor 
(QtCreator) refuses to edit this file because of the encoding. This appears to 
be because you used some non-ASCII characters, specifically when comparing the 
variable "peek" to various characters. Please use \0xXXXX encodings for these 
characters so the result is still ASCII, to prevent those characters from being 
munged accidentally in the future.

3. You have some merge conflicts as well.

I'll review the actual changes more closely when at least (1) is fixed up.
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