Review: Needs Fixing

A few comments:
 - for following method, getting the type of the content of a global element 
shouldn't have anything to do with element's nillable property. Please add a 
different method to return the nillable of a global element or it's definition.

void Schema::getTypeNameFromElementName(
        const store::Item* qname,
        store::Item_t& typeName,
>>>     + bool& nillable,
        const QueryLoc& loc);

Same comment goes for:
 -  CTX_TM->get_schema_element_typename(elemQNameItem, typeQNameItem, nillable, 
 -  Schema:: createXQTypeFromElementName(typeManager,
503     + sourceNode->getNodeName(),
504     + false,
505     + nillable,
506     + loc);

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