In case I was not clear enough in

This merge, as it is now, passed all RQ tests as one can see in the logs above 
and thus can be merged "as is".

However, there are 8 more failing test-cases that seem to be connected to 
nilled function:
in "prod-SchemaImport" related to nillable elements:
cbcl-schema-element-1, cbcl-schema-element-2, cbcl-schema-element-4, 
cbcl-schema-element-5, cbcl-schema-element-8, cbcl-validated-schema-element-1, 
cbcl-validated-schema-element-3, cbcl-validated-schema-element-4

All these 8 failing test-cases are narked as EXPECTED_FOTS_FAILURE in this 
proposed branch:

So, the question is do we either:
1) fix these 8 failures in this merge
2) or do we commit this merge and we open a new bug for the rest of 8 failures 
(even though they may be connected to nilled function)
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