This merge proposal was timing out, which is why it kept running the RQ over 
and over again. (Yes, the RQ should respond more gracefully to timeouts.) I've 
set it to "Needs Fixing" to stop it.

The problem tests seem to be xqts-xquery and xqtsx-xqx, not too surprisingly. 
In particular, based on lsof output from the testdriver_mt processes, they are 
getting stuck in an infinite loop while executing the test 
Functions/AllStringFunc/MatchStringFunc/MatchesFunc/caselessmatch15. I base 
this on the fact that the processes in question have an open file descriptor 
 , which I think should have been closed if the testcase hadn't hung. (The 
xqts-xqueryx testdriver_mt process has the same file only in 

Looking at that test case, I can't begin to guess why it would hang with your 
changes, but it seems pretty consistent.
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