The old http-module when you send an http-request, specifying a non textual 
mime-type, the current http-client invokes the serializer specifiying the 
(unaccessible from XQuery code) "binary" method.

If the body is an xml node it gets converted in a very strange way:
<hello>there</hello> becomes "hello there" then it is encoded as base64 and 
sent encoded.
There is a test which specifically verifies this case.

Trying to send a JSON object results in an error.
A base64 value is sent encoded as is.
Anything else is first converted into a string and then encoded in base64. 

I personally believe that this does not make sense at all and the JSON http 
client behaves differently. 

Is this really the intended behaviour (there is a test which verifies it)?
Is there some code depending on it?
What is the rationale of the conversion from <hello>there</hello> to "hello 
there" (it cannot even be reproduced without a UDF)?
Should I reproduce this behaviour?
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