I've done some additional testing, and these are the results:

For the xray query, the largest that we have in the testsuite, compilation time 
with --compile-only is pretty much the same with and without the dataguide 
computaiton, at around ~0.08 sec.

With a specially constructed query that looks like this: (see dataguide-29.jq 

let $col := dml:collection()
let $col2 := ($col.cat1, $col.cat2, ... , $col.cat10)
return $col2.category.category.category ... category  (repeated ~2000 times)

the compilation time goes from ~0.7s without the dataguide to ~10s with the 
dataguide enabled, so it is significant. But this is a worst-case scenario. The 
resulting dataguide is an object 2000-levels deep. 

The compilation can be improved significantly by:
- keeping track of the "leaves" nodes in the dataguide tree
- rewriting a bit the dataguide structure to store the trees incrementally 
instead of cloning them
- adding a depth cutoff

What do you think?

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