Markos Zaharioudakis has proposed merging lp:~zorba-coders/zorba/markos-scratch 
into lp:zorba.

Commit message:
Fixed an error message

Requested reviews:
  Markos Zaharioudakis (markos-za)

For more details, see:

Fixed an error message
Your team Zorba Coders is subscribed to branch lp:zorba.
=== modified file 'src/diagnostics/diagnostic_en.xml'
--- src/diagnostics/diagnostic_en.xml	2013-07-29 23:55:03 +0000
+++ src/diagnostics/diagnostic_en.xml	2013-08-01 08:33:33 +0000
@@ -2540,8 +2540,8 @@
       <value>"$1": document already exists in store</value>
-    <diagnostic code="ZAPI0021" name="ITEM_TO_LOAD_IS_NOT_NODE">
-      <value>"$1": item to load is not a node</value>
+    <diagnostic code="ZAPI0021" name="ITEM_TO_LOAD_IS_NOT_XML_DOC">
+      <value>"$1": item to add to the store is not an XML document node</value>
     <diagnostic code="ZAPI0023" name="NON_ATOMIC_CONTEXT_SIZE_VALUE">

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