Review: Needs Fixing

Two small issues:

1. The module version number should be changed back to 1.0, since the name has 
changed so it's not the same module anymore. Don't forget to update both 
CMakeLists.txt and the module text itself, as well as (at least) FOTS driver 
where it is imported.

2. Can you try remove the word "XQuery" as much as possible from the module 
XQDoc? eg, instead of "XQuery program", just write "query", I think. In the 
main header comment, you could spell out that a query is either an XQuery or a 
JSONiq query.

Sorin: it looks like all the changes to FOTS driver are mechanical, eg. 
changing xqxq: to zq:. However, please review to make sure there are no 
surprises there.
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