The problem is that there is a TreatIterator put in place checking the return 
type of the function.

<FnCountIterator id="0x1926410">
  <TreatIterator type="[JSONXQType object]" quant="*" id="0x191d1e0">
    <ExtFunctionCallIterator id="0x193e380">
      <TreatIterator type="xs:anyURI" quant="" id="0x191cf20">
        <ExtFunctionCallIterator id="0x191e490">
          <SingletonIterator value="xs:string(" id="0x1927400"/>
          <JSONObjectIterator id="0x19264f0"/>
      <SingletonIterator value="xs:string(/)" id="0x19730c0"/>

The TreatIterator doesn't override count and, hence, the count call never gets 
executed on the ExtFunctionCallIterator. Could you please look at the 
implementation of the TreatIterator. I don't think this can easily be done but 
maybe you have an idea.
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