The proposal to merge lp:~zorba-coders/zorba/feature-function-caching into 
lp:zorba has been updated.

Description changed to:

Greatly improved function caching.

* Changed function annotations:
  - %an:deterministic: disables caching (previously %an:no-cache)
  - %an:strictlydeterministic: enables caching for deterministic and 
non-deterministic functions. Cache is only within the same snapshot.
  - %an:cache enables caching  for deterministic, non-deterministic and 
sequential functions. Caches is across snapshots. (unchanged)
  - %an:exclude-from-cache-key(n) specifies that a function argument has to be 
ignored when computing the cache key
  - %an:compare-with-deep-equal(n) specifies that a function argument has to be 
compared with deep-equal semantics
* Changed criteria for default annotations of internal and external functions:
  - Functions which have no %an:deterministic, %an:nondeterministic or 
%an:strictlydeterministic annotations and all their parameter and the return 
types are atomics are now automatically annotated %an:strictlydeterministic
  - All the other functions are annotated %an:deterministic
* Added snapshot id in global dynamic context
* Added dynamic context xquery module
* Added strict equality hashmap
* Reimplemented %an:cache
* Enabled caching for function that have non atomic arguments
* Whenever the eager evaluation of a function arguments raises an error, the 
evaluation is retried without cache. The function cache is then disabled if it 
was automatically detected.

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