Whats is your advice concerning the following requirement.

A multilang website with specific url (for SEO) by lang and an common 
module that span all sites. (to update element present in all site at once, 
i.e. prices or dates)

My thoughts are the following:

 - a site with multiple language but with different urls per language => 
different sites ? (calling addsite as many times as many language ?)
   or is it possible to have a specific URL for a resource for a specific 
lang ? 

 - a common module that can be used in all those sites. The ultimate goal 
is to have something like a price list that can be edited in one master 
site and then all other sites will have their "prices" updated at once.

Since I think that is not possible to have a specific url for a specific 
lang, the following question is about having a module than can be used in 
all sites.

My own idea is to have one database schema per lang, plus another one for 
common elements, let's say:
 schema english, spanish, italian, common.
 english is a site, spanish, italian, common are also.
A module mod_common, providing the model m_common, available to all sites 
will only query the schema common regardless used in site english, spanish 
or italian.
i.e. forcing sql queries to use the schema.table notation.

In the end I should be able to write in my templates  something like {{ 
m.common['price'] }} and be assured that only the schema 'common' will be 

Thank you !


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