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On Monday 05 December 2005 09:10, Andreas Jung wrote:
 > I just wondered why zpkg contains its own configure.in which seems to
 > replace the one from the Zope tree (at least when building the source
 > archive using 'make sdist'). This looks very scary to me. Are there any
 > reasons for this?

Because there's no way to tell it (currently) what file to use.  It
shouldn't  be too hard to change.

Ideally, the information on the package being distributed would include
the  information needed to parameterize the configure script (the
preferred and  acceptable Python versions), and the configure would be
generated based on  that information when the distribution is created.

I know nothing about zpkg so I can not comment about the details. However
I another problem. I run zkpgtools from the HEAD (with a fixed version
of configure.in with TARGET=2.4.2). When I build the 2.9 archive using
'make sdist' I still have a generated configure file in the archive
with TARGET=2.4.1. Where is this coming from?


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