Log message for revision 69593:
  Fix Zope3-dev issue #673: Bug in configure script regarding python version 
  The problem was that when target version of Python was 2.4.3 and acceptable 
  were 2.4.1 and 2.4.2, a newer Python version such as 2.4.4 would not be 
  by the configure script.
  We "fix" this for now by adding possible future Python versions in the 
  list.  This isn't a real fix of configure's Python detection algorithm, but 
as an
  XXX comment in confiugre.in says, perhaps the whole algorithm isn't necessary 
  all... Either way, better packaging tools are on the Zope horizon 
(setuptools, ...).
  Tested this by getting rid of all Python executables on my $PATH and adding a
  "fake" Python interpreter somewhere in the search path:
    echo "2.4.4"
  This would break before, now only issues a warning.

  U   zpkgtools/trunk/zpkgtools/appsupport/configure.in

Modified: zpkgtools/trunk/zpkgtools/appsupport/configure.in
--- zpkgtools/trunk/zpkgtools/appsupport/configure.in   2006-08-17 12:26:06 UTC 
(rev 69592)
+++ zpkgtools/trunk/zpkgtools/appsupport/configure.in   2006-08-17 12:26:08 UTC 
(rev 69593)
@@ -27,8 +27,11 @@
 # sys.version) below in "best" to "worst" order, not including the
 # target version.  Up to six acceptable python versions are allowed.
 # Do not include the target version number in this list!
-ACCEPTABLE="2.4.2 2.4.1"
+# We need to list future Python versions here as well, otherwise they
+# wouldn't be acceptable :(
+ACCEPTABLE="2.4.7 2.4.6 2.4.5 2.4.4 2.4.2 2.4.1"
 # provide the executable names for all the acceptable versions
 # (and the target version) below
 EXENAMES="python python2 python2.4"
@@ -141,14 +144,15 @@
-        out "  !! WARNING !!"
         out "  An acceptable, but non-optimal Python version ($FOUNDVERSION)"
-        out "  was found at '$FOUND'."
-        out "  But consider installing version '$TARGET' before running"
-        out "  'make'.  If this isn't the Python version or interpreter"
-        out "  instance you wish to use, you may specify a Python interpreter"
-        out "  manually by rerunning the ./configure script with the"
-        out "  '--with-python' option."
+        out "  was found at '$FOUND'.  This may be because you have an older "
+        out "  or a newer Python version than the optimal version, $TARGET."
+        out "  If it's an older version, consider installing $TARGET and run"
+        out "  'configure' again."
+        out
+        out "  If you're not happy with the choice 'configure' made, you can"
+        out "  always manually specify a Python interpreter by rerunning"
+        out "  the 'configure' script with the '--with--python' option."
     out ""

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