My name is Professor Stacy Mcpherson
Here is a short message to tell you about an exciting new academic 
qualification program which is open to students worldwide. 
Your hard work and experience is equal to valuable college credits, and if you 
are experienced enough we will award you with the degree that suits you the 
If you are a qualified professional in your field. You have all the training, 
the knowledge and the life experience, and the only thing now you are lacking 
is the degree itself we can help you to gain the correct academic qualification 
to meet your life experience and put you in a better position in your 
professional career. 
The degrees we award are non-accredited from an academic point of view, you 
will however be able to use them in your chosen career field.
For more information go to the following website 
http://g.msn.com/0MNBUS00/1?http://www.jettisonit.com/dip/, and you will be 
able to leave all of your details so that one of our qualified registrars can 
call you back with a response to your evaluation.
Professor Stacy Mcpherson

If you prefer not to receive such offers please go here:
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