Certified Management Accountant  Batch 5

The fifth batch of this very successful program will be held this June 11 to 
August 27 at the Holiday Inn Galleria Manila.

Here is what one of the attendees has to say about the CMA program:

"Attending the CMA program will enable you to experience the power of 
unconstrained information sharing in management accounting amongst the best 
global Finance practitioners in town. Crafting corporate goals and developing a 
multidimensional activity-based performance measurement process in large 
companies is a very rare skill and the CMA program captures how to do it. I 
find the CMA program the ultimate training forum for developing leading-edge 
management accounting professionals."

Cenen R. Herrera
Senior Treasury Officer

The program fee remains the same at Pesos 75,000.00 per participant. A few easy 
payment options are also available. Please call and make your reservations as 
soon as possible because slots are very limited and are filled very quickly.

For more information, please see www.cmaphilippines.com and 

You may also call or text Ms. Chili Pefianco at 0918-909-7358.You may also 
email her at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Poka-Yoke  with Mr. Jig Lasquety
The guest speaker this May 18 at the regular business meeting of the 
Entrepreneurs Society of the Philippines is Mr. Jig Lasquety who will be making 
a presentation on the principles of Poka-Yoke. "Error Proofing Your Business" 
is the other name of Poka-Yoke and is a principle applied by many successful 
firms around the world.

Mr. Lasquety will be sharing the lessons he has learned at some of the most 
prestigious manufacturing firms around the world. It is his belief that 
applying some of these management principles can greatly help SMEs and 
entrepreneurs become more successful.

The ESP meeting will be on 18 May 2005 at the Rosal Room of Club Filipino. 
Please call Ryan at Tel (632) 726-5466, (632) 726-6740 FAX NUMBER: (632) 

Seats are extremely limited so you must make prior reservations. Tickets to 
cover the venue and a light snack are available at only Pesos 200.00 per 
person. Dinner is also available at Pesos 350.00 per person.

To learn more about ESP, please see www.entrepreneursociety.com.ph .

For more information on Mr. Lasquety and his management seminars, please see 
www.rmpconsultancy.com. You may also call or text Ms. Chili Pefianco at 
0918-909-7358. You may also email her at [EMAIL PROTECTED]


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