Am Freitag, den 17.06.2005, 12:05 +0530 schrieb Kenneth Gonsalves:
> hi,
> i have a postgres table like so:
> id integer
> name varchar
> i want to list the contents of the table and build an href like this:
> <a href="">name</a>
_never_ write URLs like this. When you write
server name, you have to write http:// schema
too. Else it is indistinguishable from folder

> my zpt code so far is:
> <a tal:attributes="href string:${portal_url}/editdemo?="
>  tal:content="result/name">name</a>
> but i cant figure out how to insert the tal:contern="result/id" after 
> the '?='
> any clues?

Where does result/id come from?
If you use a python script, its quite easy to

from ZTUtils import make_query

and where you need it in your routine:



and in your ZPT you just use tal:attributes="href result/href"

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