Dieter Maurer schrieb:
Tonico Strasser wrote at 2005-6-24 14:11 +0200:

is this expected to raise an exception?:

<div metal:use-macro="x|default">
 <div metal:use-macro="y">
   I'm not macro y.

'x' and 'y' are not defined.

If both "x" and "y" are not defined, it is correct to get
an exception for a missing "y".

Did you look carefully at the full exception information (to be
found in the "error_log" object)?

Always do this when you see an exception (and include it in
questions send to this list).

Hi Dieter,

thank you for the reply.

There is no exception, that is the point of my question. This looks like a bug, I thought I ask on the list before I file a collector entry.

Maybe it's intended to ignore 'use-macro' nested in another 'use-macro', even if the value of the outer 'use-macro' is 'default'.


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