Kenneth Gonsalves schrieb:
i have a python script called getnames
i call it like this
<p tal:repeat="results python:context.getnames(table=tablename)">

now this script is in ploneroot/mainpage

if i call this from the mainpage folder or any sub folder there is no problem. But i want to call it from somewhere else in the site

i tried:

but both dont compile - any clues?

Yes, the expressions above are not valid. Yo are trying to mix a string expression with a python expression.

Find out more about TALES (TAL Expression Syntax).

I don't know what 'plone_url' is, but thanks to Zope acquisition you can write this as:

  Path expression: "here/mainpage/getnames"

  or Python expression: "python:here.mainpage.getnames()"

  or String expression: "string:${here/mainpage/getnames}"


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