I got a python dictionary which can contain python-lists and other
dictionaries and so on...

a = [ {name:'Level1', subitems:[
           {name:'Item1', prop1:1, prop2:2} ,
           {'name':'Item2', prop1:3}
           {name:'Level11', subitems:[ .... ] ] ,
     ...... ]

In zope I want to display something like this:
Level1 - Item1 - Item2 - Level 11 - Item 111
   - Item 112
- Level 12 - Item 111
   - Item 112
- Level X -Item X

The problem is that I don't know how much nested levels I got.
In python I would write a script that calls itself:
(I've not tested this example, it's just to demonstrate the
concept that I would use in python!)

def printAllLevels(listItems):
 for listItem in listItems:
   print listItems['name']
   if listItem[name][:5]='Level':

Can I do something like that with ZPT's? I was thinking of making
a macro which can call itself. But than I don't know how to parse
a variable to a macro...

Has anybody got a suggestion of how I can do this???

Thanks in advance!

Marco Mans

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