Justyna Tomczyk [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I have a table with results from database(MySQL). I can edit every
> field in this table (change data and save it in database). Problem
> is that I don't know how to validate every field in this table
> before I want to save this changed data in database.  I've tried
> figured out how to validate this data but without results. Now I am
> really in a whirl. What and where I should insert ?  Any clue? Any
> help?

Generally, your code is layed out in too fine grained way.

Normally you would use ZPublisher "record" - type input fields and
then do all the work in a PythonScript to perform validation on a
form variables(s) (and eventually call ZSQL). Check out the Zope Book.

There are many alternatives. A product dubbed "Formulator" is
certainly worth trying.


Michal Kurowski

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