Geoff Davis wrote:
3) FSPageTemplates have the option to return a status 304 + no content
when a conditional GET is sent.  This is a potential significant win for
How it works: When a client has an expired page in its local cache, it
sends a conditional GET to the server.  Basically that means that there
will be an If-Modified-Since header with the timestamp of the local cached
page and, if the cached page was originally sent with an ETag, an
If-None-Match header with the ETag of the cached page (actually a list of
ETags of cached pages).

If an FSPageTemplate is associated with a Caching Policy and that Caching
Policy has 304s explicitly enabled, a series of checks take place.  If
there is an If-Modified-Since header, the server checks the modification
time associated with the template via the Caching Policy.  If there is an
If-None-Match header and the Caching Policy defines an ETag function, the
ETag is checked.  If all the checks pass, the server returns a 304 status
and stops without rendering the page.  The server does less computation,
and less data goes over the wire, so it's a double win.

If I'm not mistaken, this will only be useful for ZPTs that provide unchanged content over time ? Like css or scripts or invariant resources, i.e. not useful for the usual case of views ?


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