On 9/20/05, Ian Bicking <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I don't use it, but wouldn't strictinsert have been intended to protect
> the XML/HTML validity of the source?  That is, shouldn't it parse the
> structure, but not special TAL constructs, thus ensuring that using
> structure doesn't mess up your XML?

It would be nice to have a feature like you describe.  Unfortunately,
that isn't what strictinsert=True does.  (Well, it does check for
fragment well-formedness in XML mode, at least.)

While the name "strictinsert" is reasonable for such a feature, I
don't think we'd want to re-purpose the name.  That should probably be
kept, but the implementation should simply assert that strictinsert is
false.  New options would need to be added for new features.


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