Hi all,
I'm wondering if there's any effort towards creating a good page design 
I think of something like NVU or Dreamweaver being capable of semi-process TAL 
and METAL tags at least.
Currently, we have no choice but creating a draft in html that represents what 
a page looks like, and then including ZPT tags in order to make that draft a 
useful ZPT.
This approach might work in several scenarios, but fails especially on those 
where intensive use of macros and slots is done (e.g. Plone).
I think fine integration between Zope and an external editor like NVU, might do 
a good job for us (Dreamweaver lacks some flexibility gained in Mozilla based 
products through XBL, but could help anyway). I think writing a small(?) Zope 
Product to interface with external editors and a XPI (or a bunch of DW 
Extensions) for NVU will suffice.
I'm posting these ideas mainly because I'm new to Zope and its internals (and 
I'm new to Python also), so it would take me a little bit of time before 
getting into production; and also, I always ask if somebody else is doing 
something like what I'm looking for. 
There are other concerns which deserve some attention, but they will be 
addressed at a proper time.
Best regards,

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