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No, I just meant that I'm not subscribed to the zpt list. So, I would have replied to all, there would have been a bounce.

Oh well, I shall bounce away then... ;-)

Indeed, that was kind of the direction I was going towards. I've been told that ZPT in Zope 3 is more pluggable, giving various opportunities to register things that get evaluated inside TALES at different hops. (For example, traversal on path expressions or whatnot.)

*nods* well, I'd imagine plugging in a new expression type isn't too hard, no matter what TALES implementation is used...

One thing is missing, though, from what you have below: a way to bind to the Python variable holding the node. Let's say that it is "here" that is the node that we are operating on. You need to say something more like:
tal:repeat="thisvendor xpath: here //[EMAIL PROTECTED]'approved']/ title"
Is that possible?

Hey, it's out expression type, we can use whatever syntax we want ;-)

Now, I guess whatever "here" is above needs to support an xpath traversal. I guess in Zope 3 we'd check for an "xpath interface" on "here" and raise an exception if it didn't support it?


(see, I can hand wave too ;-) )

Listen, I"m Mr. Hand Wave. :^) My talent is limited to partially understanding this email, with zero idea how to do it.

Yeah yeah...



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