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Luca Olivetti wrote at 2005-11-28 12:11 +0100:
I'd like to render a macro from python code.
Macros were not designed to be executed by Python Scripts.

Well, let me explain why I want to do that: I'm experimenting with kukit and azax (http://bubblenet.be/home/community-work/kukit-azax-details/) so I have a macro to be used as intended inside a page template, but I want to render the same macro in the (python) method invoked by azax (which in turn wraps it in an xml command to send to the browser so that it will only update the changed chunk on the page). It's working well enough *and* I didn't have to learn javascript ;-)

You can, however, view them as programs and let them evaluate
by an adequate "TALInterpreter". Not sure, that this is simpler
than your current approach...

Then I'll just continue with the current approach ;-)

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