Hi. I'm customizing templates from 'CMF Message' and I've found some
problems trying to delete the message once you've read it, that it, I  
the message (message_view.pt) so I can see the message author,subject and
text. At the same time I've got 3 options (form buttons  
DELETE/ACKNOWLEDGE/REPLY. I have problems trying to delete the message
because I don't want the browser to go to the folder contents page in my
plone instance (I don't want my users can manage the message contents in
this case, I just want them to see the message, delete it and go back to  
message fron-page view mode). So, the delete mode from 'message_view.pt'
template looks like:
 <form name="delete"
       action="">        method="post"
       tal:attributes="action request/URL2">

 <input tal:define="getRelativeContentURL  
                    hasGetUrl python:hasattr(context.aq_explicit,  
            item_rel_url python:hasGetUrl and context.getURL(relative=1)  
            type="hidden" name="paths:list"
            tal:attributes="value item_rel_url" />

         <input class="standalone"
                            i18n:attributes="value" />


I think the problem has something to do with 'action request/URL2' (in  
fact I can "move" the browser to different pages using request/URL<i> but  
always in contents mode, not in view mode) and maybe with folder_delete:method.
Is there any way to (auto)delete the message and take you to some view  
mode like the portal/front-page?

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