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 {url2,summary2,alias2}, ...]

I would like to create something like the following:
<dt><a href="url1">alias1</a></dt>
<dt><a href="url2">alias2</a></dt>

Below I have listed a couple of the variations of code that I have tried.

I'd appreciate any help or advice you can give.



The following creates repeated definition lists:


<dl tal:define="folder_info get_subfolder_info"
tal:repeat="finfo folder_info">
<dt><a tal:attributes="href finfo/url"
       tal:content="finfo/alias">the term</a></dt>
<dd tal:content="finfo/summary">the definition</dd>

Move the ral:repeat *inside* the DT tag.


If I include a 'span' to repeat only the dt and dd tagged elements,
the list is not formatted properly (the 'span' messes up the 'dd'

In this case tal:omit-tag is your friend...as documented.


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