Hello everybody,

I'm a newbee in Zope and I'm facing a problem:

I'm writting a Zope Product in order to produce a
Web Site in which there is a private part. In this part
I have an object which contain a protected method
calling a pagetemplate.

myProtectedMethod = PageTemplateFile('zpt/Myzpt.zpt', globals(), __name__='MyZpt')

I would like this pagetemplate to
call a method from an another object,

<div tal:define="mytest python:context.MySecondObject.aMethod(AnArgument)">

but in the same time
I would like this second object to be declared as private (to be sure
that it is not callable by URL).

In this case when I'm calling the protected method , I always have the same error message:

*Error Type: Unauthorized*
*Error Value: You are not allowed to access 'MySecondObject' in this context*

Is there any way to have this working?

Thanks to any help that could be give to me

and I also apologize for my so bad english  :-)

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