Am 14.08.2006 um 19:27 schrieb Don Morrison:

Eek string replacements are so much uglier than Python string format!
Is it just me who thinks what you're doing is wrong.

Charlie, I just said myself it was wrong and I'm asking for help
because even if it did work it would be ugly and inelegant. I left it
wrong to show you I'm trying to prevent escaping. Don't pretend to not
understand this just to make fun of me. :)

I wasn't making fun of you.

Anyway I think what you're after is tal:source which is very much in
the Zope Book in the chapters on PageTemplates.

I don't see it in 2.6 or here in 2.7:

Sorry, it's "structure" you want to use.

<tal:replace="structure <some tag or other>">

Now, if you are going to generate some complex tag then you are best of doing this in a PythonScript and returning the string to the template. However, I do not think that is the way to want you want as I this only makes sense for extremely dynamic content. In my view it's better to use standard tags.

Your source is virtually impenetrable to me which I think is a guide to it being wrong.

<span tal:define="r record/name; id record/task_id; mylt
string:'<'; mygt string:'>';"
           tal:replace="string:${mylt}option label='${r}'

<option tal:attributes="label record/name; value record/task" content="record/value"></option>

No formatting required at all. At least I think that's what you want!


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