<body tal:omit-tag=""
       tal:define="domain python:request.get('domain','JMGui')">
    <div tal:replace="domain"/>
    <h2 i18n:domain="JMMessages" i18n:translate="">Wrong selection</h2>
    <h2 tal:attributes="i18n:domain domain;
                        i18n:translate string:">Wrong selection</h2>

I think if you find yourself needing to do something like this, your application logic is flawed.

i18n:domain should never need to be dynamic in this fashion...
The problem is that I have a Product that lists instances of other products in a combobox like this:


This will render a page like this:
Person : <ComboBox containing object titles + url> <SubmitButton: Edit><SubmitButton: Delete>

When the user edits a person or a company, then a form with all fields will be presented. After he is finished, he will go back to that form and a status message will be presented. This status message won't belong always to the same domain; that's why I wanted to do it that manner. Anyway, I guess
the only way is to translate the message programatically instead.

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