Hi Guillem

This question is specific to Plone so you would
better ask
on the plone-users list. Two things that might be
worth a try:


  - context/portal_languages/LANGUAGE


Sorry for posting in the wrong forum, and thanks for
the suggestions. They don't seem to work in my case,
but I guess it depends on the specific i18n product
you use...
Sometime ago I did something similar with PTS, but since
zope 2.8.x you can use five, which has an own i18n module,
I rewrote my code.

Anyway, if I'm not wrong, it is possible to get the current
language by doing:

lang = getattr(REQUEST,'language')

You may also try


If not, print the REQUEST object in a template and see the
variables on it.

Another way I used it an Python Product was:

def getLanguage(context,domain=None):
  """Gets the current language of the user browser"""

  #I known in the PTS API there is a better way to get this, but
  #I'm not using it anymore, so I don't know where it is. You
  #may trying by looking at the PTS source
  TranslationService = context.Control_Panel.TranslationService
  currentLanguage = TranslationService.negotiate_language(request,domain)

  if currentLanguage==None:
    #PlacelessTranslationService returns None
    #when using wget or urllib, so, I forced
    #english to be the default. Note: this was in my old PTS,
    #I don't know if this is still the case
    return 'en'

  return return currentLanguage[0:2]

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