I have been testing zumastor since release 0.4 and there is a problem
with current release.
I've checked zumastor behaviour when overfilling the snapshot space.
Data volume size is 20GB and snapshot device size is 1GB.
How the test looks like:
1. start zumastor with volume "zumatest" and sizes like said before
2. create 200MB file on volume zumatest
3. take snapshot and check md5 of file in snapshot and on the volume
4. repeate steps 2 and 3 , three more times to have 4 files, each file
is 200MB and create one 400MB file
5. After change contents of the first file (it means that space for
snapshots is overflow) and taking 5th snapshot and waiting about
1-2min files from 1st taken snapshot exist in mount point, any kind of
read like md5sum give me IO error from ddsnap.
6. So now we have situation that 1st taken snapshot is unavailable,
but somehow zumastor don't report this to user, so I don't know that
this snapshot is unavailable now.
7. After restart zumastor daemon 1st taken snapshot is still
unavailable but now zumastor reports this by removing mountpoint
directory of 1st snapshot and marking symlink as unavailable.
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