2010-11-26 06:16:53 -0800, pankakekid:
> Greetings Zumastor devs,
> Given that spambots seem to have taken hold of this group, i'm not
> sure this is the best place to ask this question, but here goes:  What
> is the status of the Zumastor project?  It seems that most heavy
> development activity occurred 2.5 years ago - Has it been patched/
> tested for newer kernels (2.6.3x)?  Has the project been superseded by
> some other work?  I'm very interested in this but there seems to be an
> awful lot of radio silence of late.  Thank you for you help!

I'm not a zumastor developer, but what I understand is that
zumastor/ddsnap has been put on hold while Daniel Phillips was
developing Tux3 (whose development seems to also be on hold).

There was a port of ddsnap to kernel space that was further
extended and seems to still be maintained by Mikulas Patocka

There's also https://github.com/mcpacino/dm-snap-mv


that confirms that Daniel Phillips is still around

Otherwise, one could also consider btrfs or zfs as alternatives.


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