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Daniel Baumann wrote:
when I was uploading zutils to debian, there was pointed out that the
files in zutils are all public domain, but still the tarball contains a
copy of the GPL.

Assuming that this was a glitch and the GPL copy was not ment to be
included on purpose (since no files does neither reference the COPYING
file nor the GPL), it would be nice if you could remove that file from
the source tree to avoid future missunderstandings.

There are two (perhaps not very good) reasons why the zutils tarball contains a copy of the GPL. First is I use the COPYING file as data for the tests (see testsuite/check.sh line 30). Second is some kind of not-so-simple program will be included in zutils in the future, and it will be GPL-licensed.

BTW, I have recently created a mailing list for zutils http://lists.nongnu.org/mailman/listinfo/zutils-bug

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