hello, you will find below the lines added by me at the  file 'ChangeLog' of the
 'zutils-0.8-rc1' source. In the attached file
 you will find the full source of my patched version of 'zutils' ready
to compile.

 note : - in the source code i named my parched version 0.8-rc1.1
          - i had tested compiling my version 0.8-rc1.1 several time (10 min)

start ChangeLog add

2010-01-11  Gilsan Lpuser      <gilsan.lpu...@gmail.com>

       * Version 0.8-rc1.1 released
       * replace the first's lowercase's letters 'z' of zutil's commands
         (excep the 'zutils' command itself) by uppercase 'Z', because of
         conflicts whith the sames commands shipped which gzip. According
         all the source code whith the news name (beginning now whith 'Z')
         of zutils commands.

end ChangeLog add

                                                                Gilsan  Lpuser

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