Hi all,

after some discussion in opensuse mailling list [1], I would like to
propose a new option for zypper.
This option allows the user to disable the check for deleted files
after an install/update/delete operation.
Obviously this has to be an opt-in option since the good default is to
check for deleted files, as currently happens.

Working on the source code as available in zypper-1.7.3-1.2.2.src.rpm
from oS 12.2, I modified it in order to introduce such option.
Currently the change provides a --no-deleted-files-check command line
option and the variable deletedFilesCheck (true as default) in

Now, since this is the first time I look at zypper code, I know that
my changes have to be improved before submitting them, so some
question follows:
- do you think it is reasonable to have the variable in the conf file?
If so, is it ok to put it in the main section?
- should the command line option be global or command specific?
- in the latter case, are in, rm, up, dup, and patch the only commands affected?


[1] http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse/2012-09/msg00549.html
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