On 09/24/2012 12:25 PM, Michael Andres wrote:
> On Thursday 20 September 2012 10:54:19 Andrea Turrini wrote:
>> Now, since this is the first time I look at zypper code, I know that
>> my changes have to be improved before submitting them, so some
>> question follows:
>> - do you think it is reasonable to have the variable in the conf file?
> Frankly, I wonder if it actually needs more then a .conf file option. I doubt 
> that there is much need to turn this on and off on the command line. 

Since I think it is safer to have the check for deleted files enabled
(even if I will disable it in my system by using the .conf file), I
think a command line option may be useful when you do not want to
disable "permanently" the check, as happens with the config variable,
but just for some interaction and then to come back to the standard
safer check.

>> If so, is it ok to put it in the main section?
> I'd introduce an [install] or [commit] section for options like this.

I added a [commit] section since the check is used mainly when
updating/deleting packages.

Attached you find the patch for the code as contained in the
zypper-1.7.3-1.2.2.src.rpm from oS-12.2 source repository.

Please tell me where to improve the code and then how to submit it since
I never used git (since in the development page in the wiki I read it is
used to manage zypper).


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