Am Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012 schrieb Cristian Rodríguez:
> El 07/10/12 12:52, richard -rw- weinberger escribió:
> > 73 packages to upgrade, 1 new, 1 to change vendor.
> > Overall download size: 644.1 MiB. After the operation, 4.0 TiB will
> > be freed.
> You know.. it is very space efficient :-D.. 

Oh yes. Seems I bought the bigger harddisks too early ;-)

> maybe the data-type is
> overflowing.. please file a bug report.

It was already reported: 

According to Leonardo, the kernel-default-debuginfo package is extremely 
space efficient:

    Retrieving package kernel-default-debuginfo-3.6.0-1.1.x86_64
                        (1/107), 270.3 MiB (-4.002 TiB unpacked)

Richard, please add a note to the bugreport which package comes with the 
free space (I don't see kernel-default-debuginfo in your list,so it must 
be another package).

Attaching your zypper.log to the bugreport would probably also be 


Christian Boltz
Bei etwas größeren Dingen mit 6stelligem Budget kommt gern mal
"plötzlich" ein Onlineshop dazu. Oder ein Ticketsystem. So ganz
von alleine. Gucki, ich bin eine kleine Kundenidee - ist das viel
Arbeit? ;) [Ratti in suse-linux]

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