Hello all,

I quite like the fact that Zypp uses a SAT solver to do its
dependency generation.  However, I'm curious if there are any
situations which you have encountered where Zypp does a poor
job, from a solving or usability perspective.  For example,
are there any cases where your heuristic for dealing with degrees
of freedom does poorly?  Any places where the language of boolean
formulas is not expressive enough (e.g. you want integer ranges
or comparisons?)

Some context: I recently happened upon this project:


And it seems like it adds some features to SAT solvers that would be
really useful for package managers: in particular, it has an "explain"
module which can take some desired end-result (conclusion) and the
current state (hypothesis), and find the minimal set of extra hypothesis
necessary to reach the end-result.  This seems to more directly correspond
to the package solving problem, so I'm interested in comparing the two

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