Hi all,

new zypper-1.8.13 comes with new features for the 'search' command.

The major improvements are:

* It's possible the specify capabilities for the search strings, i.e.
  architecture, version and an operation can be included.
  zypper se 'libzypp.i586>11.6'

* Search strings enclosed by '/' are interpreted as a regular
  zypper se '/^kde/'

* Searching for dependencies, means provides, requires, recommends,
  suggests, conflicts and/or obsoletes of a package is supported and
  also searching in the file list (if looking for provides, the file
  list is checked, too).
  zypper se --requires libzypp

  The command 'what-provides' is now included in 'search' and is
  automatically replaced by 'search --match-exact --provides'

* The option '--verbose' has been added which shows where the search
  has matched. This is very useful when searching in dependencies.

For more details see 'zypper help search' and 'man zypper'.


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