I wanted to take part in Google Summer of Code working for opensuse, so I 
posted my ideas here:

They answered me, that I have to discuss it directly on this list and call for 
mentors, so I am doing it now.

My idea for GSoC project is to make some improvements in zypper and yast2 to 
make them more comfortable:

- "zypper ref" (and also, yast) could (maybe optionally) refresh multiple
repositories at once - this would really speed up refresh process. It's not
as trivial as it may look like - there have to be handled UI requests (for
example, about inability to download some file) in correct order, progress
bars handled correctly and so on. But it's definitely possible.

- ability to search directly in http://software.opensuse.org/search (with
option to omit "home:" directories) - this includes (optional) yast
interface and automatic repository adding (after prompt, of course).

- complete uninstall feature: zypper should remember, which packages were
automatically installed when user wanted to install other package. If he
wanted just A package, and it required B and C, zypper would remember it.
When user wants to *completely uninstall* A, then B and C would be removed
also (but only, if other packages, installed after A, doesn't depend on
them). There are some pitfalls, that have to be handled: D was installed
few days after A and it depends on C; user uninstalla A, so B is
uninstalled also (but not C); at last, user uninstalls D and C is no longer

Is anyone interested in mentoring this project? Maybe it could be somehow 
changed, to make it better?

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